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The Thatchers Enter Limbo

2011-07-02 05:59:55 by Anermay

So after a year working on it so far, I thought it might be a good idea to upload the first 3 minutes of my latest Cartoon,
It features my own characters 'The Thatchers' and theres a long story about the characters and where they came from that I cant really be bothered to type about now, lets just say I came up with them in 2007 and this cartoon has been a LONG time coming!

Btw here is my new New Flash Toon!

Hope you enjoy! Im now working on Part 2 and that might be up sooner than just ANOTHER year :P
I hope so!

The Thatchers Enter Limbo

New Short Toon up!

2011-03-16 16:47:40 by Anermay

Just to let you know,
Im not dead! and to prove that fact, Iv uploaded a short toon

Also got a few projects on the go, hopefully there will be more uploads from me this summer!
watch this space! ^ ^

New Short Toon up!

Up and Coming Toonz

2010-06-02 10:13:47 by Anermay

So, I got board of seeing that sad face and thought it was time to start this news posting thing up :)

So coming up is two animations, first a short mini episdoe for a friend, it is part of his own web seres
"Time Agent" search it on Youtube, series 2 has become somewhat popular, and in the coming weeks the cartoon Should be avalible.

After that Im going to be working on my own animated series "The Thatchers" with the fist episdoe currently being re-written I hope to make some what of a splash with the serie sand characters, but only time will tell,

I hope this has made that sad face more happy,
take care,